Shows the subject liaisons librarians.
Subject Librarian Email
Accounting Vanderhoff , Jessica
Advertising Qiu , Jing
African American (Black) Studies Toren , Beth J.
African American Children's Literature Yancey , Martha C.
African Studies Toren , Beth J.
Agriculture Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Anesthesiology Desouky , Virginia F.
Animal Science Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Anthropology Wright , Alyssa A.
Appalachian Studies Plein , Stewart
Art & Design Royall , Beth
Behavioral Medicine/Psychiatry Desouky , Virginia F.
Biochemistry Crawford , Anna K.
Biology Berge , Tim
Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute Mays , Traci
Business (General) Vanderhoff , Jessica
Canadian Studies Steele , Matthew
Cancer Cell Biology Crawford , Anna K.
Cancer Institute Crawford , Anna K.
Cardiology Arnold , Susan J.
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Desouky , Virginia F.
Center for Advanced Imaging Mays , Traci
Center for Reproductive Health Desouky , Virginia F.
Center of Excellence in Women's Health Desouky , Virginia F.
Chemical Engineering Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Chemical Engineering Dunlap , Martin J.
Chemistry Berge , Tim
Children's Literature Yancey , Martha C.
Clinical and Translational Science Institute Mays , Traci
Communication Wright , Alyssa A.
Computer Science Dunlap , Martin J.
Computer Science Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Counseling Yancey , Martha C.
Dance Royall , Beth
Dentistry, School of Arnold , Susan J.
Dermatology Arnold , Susan J.
Design & Merchandising Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Digestive Diseases Arnold , Susan J.
East Asia Studies Qiu , Jing
Economics Vanderhoff , Jessica
Education (General) Yancey , Martha C.
Electrical Engineering Dunlap , Martin J.
Electrical Engineering Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Emergency Medicine Mays , Traci
Endocrinology (Diabetes/Metabolic) Arnold , Susan J.
Engineering, Civil & Environmental Dunlap , Martin J.
Engineering, Civil & Environmental Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Dunlap , Martin J.
English - Language & Literature Stahl , Lynne
ENT - Head and Neck Surgery Desouky , Virginia F.
Exercise Physiology Mays , Traci
Eye Institute Arnold , Susan J.
Family Medicine Arnold , Susan J.
Film Toren , Beth J.
Finance Vanderhoff , Jessica
Forensic Sciences Berge , Tim
Forestry Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Gender and Sexuality Diamond , Kelly J.
Geography Berge , Tim
Geology Berge , Tim
Geriatrics/Palliative Care Arnold , Susan J.
Global Health Program (Tropical Medicine) Arnold , Susan J.
Government Documents Steele , Matthew
Heart and Vascular Institute Arnold , Susan J.
Hematology Crawford , Anna K.
History Stahl , Lynne
History of Medicine Mays , Traci
Hospital Medicine Arnold , Susan J.
Hospitality and Tourism Management Vanderhoff , Jessica
Human Nutrition and Foods Arnold , Susan J.
Industrial Engineering Dunlap , Martin J.
Industrial Engineering Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Industrial Relations Vanderhoff , Jessica
Infectious Diseases/ STDS Crawford , Anna K.
Institute for Occupational & Environmental Health Mays , Traci
Integrated Marketing Communications Qiu , Jing
Interdisciplinary Studies Toren , Beth J.
Internal Medicine Arnold , Susan J.
International Studies Steele , Matthew
Jewish Studies Toren , Beth J.
Journalism Qiu , Jing
Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Center Desouky , Virginia F.
Latin American Studies Toren , Beth J.
Latino American Studies Toren , Beth J.
Launch Lab Vanderhoff , Jessica
Launch Lab Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Management & Business Law Vanderhoff , Jessica
Management Information Systems Vanderhoff , Jessica
Manuscripts Cuthbert , John A.
Mathematics Berge , Tim
Medical Education Arnold , Susan J.
Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Biology Crawford , Anna K.
Middle Eastern Studies Toren , Beth J.
Military Science Steele , Matthew
Mineral & Energy Resources Dunlap , Martin J.
Mineral & Energy Resources Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Multidisciplinary Studies Toren , Beth J.
Music Royall , Beth
Native American Studies Toren , Beth J.
Nephrology Arnold , Susan J.
Neurobiology and Anatomy Crawford , Anna K.
Neurology Mays , Traci
Neurosurgery Desouky , Virginia F.
Nursing, School of Desouky , Virginia F.
Obstetrics/Gynecology Desouky , Virginia F.
Occupational/ Physical/ Speech Therapy Mays , Traci
Oncology Crawford , Anna K.
Ophthalmology Arnold , Susan J.
Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine Mays , Traci
Otolaryngology Mays , Traci
Patents & Trademarks Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Pathology, Anatomy, and Lab Medicine Crawford , Anna K.
Pediatrics Desouky , Virginia F.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Armour-Gemmen , Marian G.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Dunlap , Martin J.
Pharmacy, School of Crawford , Anna K.
Philosophy Stahl , Lynne
Physical Education /Sport Sciences Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Physics Berge , Tim
Physiology and Pharmacology Crawford , Anna K.
Plant & Soil Science Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Political Science Steele , Matthew
Positive Health Clinic (HIV Care) Crawford , Anna K.
Psychology Wright , Alyssa A.
Public Administration Steele , Matthew
Public Health, School of Mays , Traci
Public Relations Qiu , Jing
Pulmonary Care/ Sleep Medicine Arnold , Susan J.
Radiation Oncology Crawford , Anna K.
Radiology Mays , Traci
Religious Studies Stahl , Lynne
Resource Management Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Rheumatology Crawford , Anna K.
Rural Health Institute Arnold , Susan J.
Science Fiction Toren , Beth J.
Social Work Hengemihle , Barbara E.
Sociology Wright , Alyssa A.
Sound Recordings Royall , Beth
South Asia Studies (India) Toren , Beth J.
Speech Pathology & Audiology Yancey , Martha C.
Statistics Berge , Tim
STEPS Desouky , Virginia F.
Strategic Communications Qiu , Jing
Supply Chain Management Vanderhoff , Jessica
Supportive Care Services Arnold , Susan J.
Surgery Desouky , Virginia F.
Theatre Royall , Beth
West Virginia History Plein , Stewart
Women's Studies Wilkinson , Carroll W.
World Languages and Literature Qiu , Jing