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downtown library

Downtown Campus Library

The Downtown Campus Library Complex provides access to the Appalachian Collection, the West Virginia and Regional History Center, Government Documents, Multimedia Services, Eliza's Coffee Shop, and many other collections and services.

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(304) 293-4040


Evansdale library

Evansdale Library

The Evansdale Library supports the academic programs and research centered on the Evansdale Campus. This includes agriculture, art, computer science, education, engineering, forestry, mineral resources, music, physical education, and theater.

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(304) 293-4696


Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library

The WVU Health Sciences Library provides a dynamic health science learning and research environment with extensive resources and knowledgeable staff; linking faculty, students, and others to relevant information in digital and traditional formats.

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(304) 293-1933


law library

Law Library

The George R. Farmer, Jr. Law Library at WVULaw is the largest public law library in West Virginia. We offer more than 300,000 volumes and volume equivalents, as well as access to several online databases.

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(304) 293-5300


West Virginia and Regional History Center

West Virginia and Regional History Center and Special Collections

The West Virginia and Regional History Center is the foremost historical archives/library in West Virginia.


(304) 293-3536


WVU Press

WVU Press

The WVU Press provides a complete range of publishing services—copyediting, design, production supervision, advertising, publicity, sales, and marketing. The Press’s primary goal is to find, develop, select, and publish scholarship and creative works of highest quality and enduring value.

(304) 293-8400

Charleston Health Sciences Library

Charleston Health Sciences Library

The Charleston Health Sciences Library provides a great assortment of electronic journals, e-books, and databases such as PubMed and Cochrane. The resources provided on this site supply students, faculty, and residents with the information they need to succeed and help patients.  

Charleston Hours

(304) 347-1285

Potomac State Mary F. Shipper Library

Potomac State Mary F. Shipper Library

The Potomac State Mary F. Shipper Library is located in Keyser, WV.

(304) 788-6901

WVU Tech Vining Library

WVU Tech Vining Library

The WVU Tech Vining Library is located in Montgomery, WV.

(304) 442-3230