Maintained Systems

The WVU Libraries have implemented a wide array of information resource management technologies and are constantly looking for ways to improve access for students, faculty and researchers. The Library Systems Office plays a major role in this process by providing support for the development, implementation, and day to day operations of all of the Libraries' computer based systems and services. Major components include:

Library Servers

The Library Systems Office maintains an ever growing number of servers to handle the increasing demand for technological resources in the libraries. These servers range from web servers to file servers to virtual servers totaling approximately 40 servers.

File servers are an integral part of any organization, especially a library. They hold all sorts of data for storage, archival, and backups. They contain over 5 terabytes (TB) of data.

EZ-Proxy Server

A key objective of the Libraries' electronic information resource management program is to make it possible for WVU faculty, staff and students to access our electronic database services beyond the walls of the library. To support this, the Library Systems Office maintains a proxy\authentication Server (EZ-Proxy) which allows access to WVU affiliated users around the world.

The Libraries' Proxy Authentication File is created and updated nightly from records extracted from the WVU Department of Human Resources Personnel Files and the Admissions & Records' student file. To access the Libraries' electronic information resources from home or from anywhere off campus, a user must be a currently enrolled student or a currently employed faculty or staff member.

Your affiliation with WVU is verified by logging into the proxy server with your WVU Login.

If you need help, try the Ask-A-Librarian service or Help Accessing Databases.

Madison Digital Image Database

The Madison Digital Image Database (MDID) maintains a collection of Art History photos. It is used as a learning tool by the Art Department where students can select and present images in a “virtual slideshow.”


The wvuScholar Institutional Repository (IR) contains several collections including Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD), Electronic Honors Theses (EHT) and Electronic Scholarly Research Archives (ESRA). All metadata (bibliographic information) may be viewed without restriction, however, some document files may be limited to access by WVU Faculty/Staff/Students and require login via WVU Login account. After activating your WVU Login account, you may login via the "lock" icon in the upper right corner of the main wvuScholar search screen.

Other components include: