WVU Libraries' Policies

Cell Phone Use in the Libraries

The WVU Libraries are committed to providing an environment conducive to study.

Annoyance with cell phone use was one of the most frequent comments received in the LibQual survey. Most people come to the libraries expecting to find a quiet place to read and study. Because of numerous complaints from students and other library users, we have developed a policy for cell phone use.

Turn off or silence cell phone ringers upon entering any of the WVU Libraries.

Use the stairwells or the entrance lobby to make or receive short, quiet calls.

Even in these acceptable areas, cell phone conversations should be conducted in a low voice.

Move extended conversations outside the library.

Take your personal belongings with you if you move to make or receive a phone call.

If you wish to report inappropriate cell phone use, contact a library staff member at the nearest service desk.

The WVU Libraries reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the building if he/she is disturbing other users.

April 2004