Drawings of David Hunter Strother

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This digital resource consists of a catalog and exhibit of drawings by David Hunter Strother from the David Hunter Strother Collection in the West Virginia and Regional History Center. Born in Martinsburg, (West) Virginia in 1816, Strother was among the best known illustrators in America during the mid 19th century. He also served as a Civil War officer and as a U.S. diplomat in Mexico. His greatest talent as an illustrator rested in capturing the everyday life and ways of the average people he met during his broad travels. He was the first illustrator to focus in depth on the rural character and characters of West Virginia.

There are a total of 723 images consisting of PDF files averaging under 1 MB each. The PDF database is not searchable. The resource is arranged by West Virginia Historical Art Collection accession number. The date range of the original drawings is 1833 – 1887. The PDF catalog was created in 1999-2001. This digital resource is complete though it is not thoroughly edited. Further editing is not been a priority due to availability of the same images in the West Virginia Historical Art Collection catalog which has superior search capabilities.

Access: Access is unrestricted.