Libraries Depository

The WVU Libraries' buildings do not have enough space to hold all the books and journals we own. The storage facility is used to keep low-use library materials in a controlled environment and make space for current resources. A high density offsite storage facility provides a practical solution to space and financial considerations.

The  library depository can house up to 1 million volumes. The facility provides optimal temperature and humidity for fragile archival items, as well as efficient storage for low use materials. High-density shelving consists of 36” by 53” shelves framed 30’ high. Books are sorted by size, stored in barcoded acid free trays, wrapped in archival paper if necessary for optimal use of space and preservation purposes. A battery powered lift is utilized for book shelving and retrieval.

The depository provides 24-hour turn around time and uses fax or digital transmission when practical. The facility is a critical component of the university library system and provides support for both research and teaching.

Instructions: User's Guide to Depository Requests

  • If you are requesting a journal article or a book loan, click the Request from Depository link in the status line of the Depository holding record in Mountainlynx (using the request from Depository link from Mountainlynx will route the request directly to the Depository staff without operator intervention).
  • This will open the ILLiad logon logon page (Interlibrary Loan). Logon to your ILLiad account using your MyID username and password.  (The first time you log in, you will need to fill out a registration form.)  Then, Depository Article/Loan Request Form will be populated with the journal title, call number and Depository location.
    • book loans are delivered to the library that provides your Interlibrary Loan needs
    • articles are converted to PDF file and sent to our secure server with an e-mail acknowledgement of how to read the full text.
      Note: if you request the PDF file option above, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer so that you can read the file we send.
  • Click the send button to transmit your electronic request directly to the Depository staff. 
  • If you have questions about this process, please call the Depository staff at 293-4174.

To check the status of your Journal requests and loans

  • Log into ILLiad.
  • Click outstanding requests.
  • Click on any transaction number for detailed information.

Depository Fact Sheet

Depository Holdings

625,546 Volumes
Includes holdings from Downtown Campus Library, Evansdale and Health Sciences Library.

Archival Collections

  • 2,335 Archival boxes Governor Arch Moore Collection
  • 400 Reels PBS Archival Film
  • 200 Reels WVU Athletics Film
  • 5 tons WV County Court Records

Updated April 2010

Collection Guidelines for Storage

The following materials are housed in the library depository:


  • Selected low use monographs
  • Duplicate copies of low-use monographs
  • Older editions of books of which we hold the new edition
  • Selected rare materials
  • Designated oversize and fragile materials

Journals (Periodicals, Serials, and Standing Orders)

  • All pre-1993 bound periodicals and serials. Journals published in 1993 and after will remain in the campus libraries.
  • West Virginia and Regional History Center periodicals will remain with the Center. The WVrC staff reserves the right to make the final decision on materials to be housed at the library depository.
  • Selected rare materials. 

Special Materials

  • AV Library materials which have not been used during the last ten years.
  • WV and Regional History Cener archives and papers currently in storage and new manuscript and archival materials waiting for processing.
  • In general, monographic series will remain in the home library.

Other Materials

  • Low-use government documents.
  • Microforms including fiche, film, cards, and other formats.

Selection Guidelines Review

The WVU Libraries reviews these selection guidelines annually. Based on experience, space needs, and use, the guidelines are revised as needed to best support teaching, research, and service at West Virginia University.


In order to practice disciplinary sensitivity, exceptions will be considered with appropriate rationale.

Guidelines adopted: September 10, 1999

Access: WVU Students, Staff, and Faculty