31st Virginia Infantry Regiment Documents

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This collection of more than 3000 documents relates to the 31st Virginia Regiment of the Confederate Army. The regiment was primarily composed of western Virginia volunteers and served in many major conflicts during the course of the Civil War. Included is a history of the regiment by James Dell Cooke. This collection presents records including mostly Captain’s Monthly Reports, Morning Reports, and Muster Rolls, as well as miscellaneous records such as Death Notices, Desertions, Discharges, and Furloughs. There is also historical information. The records date mostly from 1861-1865; there is some material dating up to 1949. These records were created mostly by members of the Virginia 31st. The records were collected by Roy Bird Cook.

Materials are arranged by series, such as “Captain’s Monthly Returns,” “Lists of Officers,” etc. Records within these series were arranged chronologically. The series-level inventory can be searched by keyword, although its relatively short length doesn’t really make that necessary. Items within series do not have item-level textual description, requiring inspection of the facsimile for content.

This collection is provided to support the class work and research of the students, faculty, and staff at WVU, and for the curious Civil War hobbyist and researcher. Facsimile access also enhances the preservation and security of the originals in the collection.

This collection is complete. It consists of 10 in. of records. Each image has both a large tiff version and a jpg version.

Access: Access is unrestricted.