Asimov collection
Name: Jay Cole
Country: United States
Message: I would like to congratulate and thank the WVU Libraries for this wonderful online exhibit. Of all the writers I read as a child and young adult, none influenced me as much as Isaac Asimov, and I will forever try to emulate his effortlessly graceful writing and broad array of intellectual interests. It is a special point of alumni pride for me that WVU is now home to one of the world's leading collections of Asimov materials.

Name: Scott Buhek
Country: USA
Message: Great Site. Asimov's FOUNDATION Series is my favorite.

Name: Edward Powers
Country: USA
Message: Reading Asimov's science books in my college library are some of my best memories. The Man explained all science concepts in the clearest most digestable ways.

Name: Patricia Moore
Country: United States
Message: Will keep as a permanent bookmark.

Name: Dorothy Wellborn
Country: USA
Message: Interesting information about my favorite author. I read I Robot as a preteen and got hooked on his work. Met him once in New York. He would not fly -- interesting that someone who wrote so much about space would not board an airplane!

Name: Dave Ware
Country: USA
Message: Read about the accession at Nice to see the WVU Libraries and the West Virginia Collection in the news. Nice sight, Beth.

Name: ildefonso
Country: spain
Message: greetings from Spain to all Isaac Asimov´s fans.

Name: Kerrigan-Girl
Country: USA
Message: I am doing a research paper on Isaac Asimov. Thank you for your help

Name: frank leroy
Country: U.S.A.
Message: I am particularly intersted in psionics.

Name: Jacques Jedwab
Country: belgium
Message: I experienced several times that "Asimov's biographical encyclopedia of science & technology" is an excellent starter for any scientist trying to get out from his own field.

Name: Elizabeth Arden Stewart
Country: US
Message: I never got over the Isaac Isamov story about the society that sent people, citizens, that were overcrowing the streets of the mythical Isaac Asimov story land, the people were offered a "chance" to settle in outer space. and they did get that chance, they got shot into space and got blown up. that was Mr. Asimov's version of reality. or what leaders would do with too many citizens. Maybe that's why those chinese missles never get into orbit. makes one wonder. Glad to say hello. Bye for now, ELizabeth A. Stewart age 49 been there read that student at WVU 024-46-8080 Eas

Name: Arshad M. Khan
Country: USA
Message: Fantastic archive! It's really wonderful to see everything online. Inspiring collection!

Name: Dimitrios Stalides
Country: USA
Message: I wish I lived closer so I could come see it. :)

Name: Peter M. Gannett
Country: USA
Message: I really appreciate such a tribute to a great scientist and science fiction writer.

Name: M Blair
Country: USA
Message: I wish I had access to such a huge collection of Asimov's works--especially his non-fiction and children's books. Fantastic!!

Name: Greg Toland
Country: UK
Message: A very interesting website. I would like to try and visit the collection at some point in the future. I have already visited the Boston Archive. My Asimov collection now consists of nearly 400 items.

Name: Susan Linch
Country: Germany
Message: Os felicito por la web. Muy interesante. Gracias.

Name: Dennis J. Sanidas MD
Country: USA
Message: Isaac Asimov taught me Biochemistry in 1957-1958 as a first year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine. He was not only a very nice person but a superb teacher, making Biochemistry crystal clear and still useful to me today. I think that we used a textbook that he had written but I'm not quite sure of that.It's very satisfying to see that you have assembled a collection of this incredibly prolific writer's works.

Name: Will
Country: US
Message: Nice website. Very well done. I have several websites in the same genre. Would you like to exchange links or banners? I have lots of science fiction and fantasy stuff on my websites including a free downloadable copy of my novel "Fulcrum Shift" TSFTMOL.Storm The Castle

Name: Caleb
Country: USA
Message: Very interesting site. I am glad that this site was put together it helped me greatly on an assignment for school.

Name: Ronald van Uden
Country: The Netherlands
Message: Excellent Asimov site! It is wonderful to see so much zeal behind Asimov fans. We should do this for our Dutch writers as well.

Name: Pete Menuez
Country: USA
Message: It should be noted that Asimov also created the 'jump' which in the early 50's took hours or days to calculate. It's also interesting that Asimov (in the Foundation Triogy) based the future on steel. I remember reading something in the 70's that he 'missed' the future of plastic. Ain't 20/20 hindsight great?

Name: JoAnn Suboyu
Country: USA
Message: I've been reading Asimov since I was 15, starting with the first foundation book, which I found laying in the street. I've often thought his "forwards" were as entertaining as the novels themselves. I love to read his non-fiction as well. I want to know if I can get transcripts or recordings of his lectures.

Name: David W Harrington
Country: USA
Message: As a fiction student at Columbia University, I must admit that I sometimes indulge in science fiction. In fact, my life is science fiction. But let's not go there.

Name: James King
Country: USA
Message: Not only did he fire an interest in science but in reading in general.

Name: John Burgess
Country: USA
Message: An online finding aid for this collection would be grand! Thanks.

Name: Debra Madison
Country: usa
Message: I enjoy reading his books and always learn something new. Which is what I think he intended one to do.

Name: Thomas North
Country: Canada
Message: The middle part of "The Gods Themselves" is my favourite.

Name: Dale Finn
Country: USA
Message: When I was around fifteen I wrote Isaac Asimov a fan letter. He sent me back a postcard written on his very own typerwriter, and signed by him. It said, "I am glad you like my books, and if you see me at a convention come up and introduce yourself". It was stunning that someone who had wrote hundreds of books took the time out to answer my letter. It was especially exciting to see the print from his own typewriter, where so many writings had sprung forth. It had the feel of an old, used typerwriter, where the "e" wae a little higher then the other letters. This was one of the most memorable events of my life. Perhaps because I was one of the few teenagers who read both tomes of his huge autobiography. Later I read, probably in his magazine, that he read all his own mail. And it was noted that he answered it, but Harlan Ellison answered none of his fan mail. In High School I gave a presentation on him and passed around his autograph. The other students were amazed that I had received correspondence from him, complete with the words "Dear Dale Finn" at the start. He will be missed. It would be interesting if anyone collects his autographs, letters, and other informal writings. It would be great to have a collection of them digetized and displayed on the Internet.

Name: Breanna
Country: United States of America
Message: I used this website to do a essay and poster/collage of books by Isaac Asimov.

Name: Steven Zitis
Country: Athens-Greece
Message: A great much needed website! Isaac Asimov was a polymath who knew his limitations and helped others understand theirs. WVU Libraries are to be congratulated on a cultural effort.

Name: Katelis Viglas
Country: Greece
Message: When I was young I read some of Asimov's stories. His novels were not so simple as at first glance maybe seemed. I learned from your site that he had expanded on so many areas of human knowledge; it is amazing. The depth, the astonishing plot of his science fiction, his prophetic insights give a great novelty value in his approach to reality.

Name: Cary Johnson
Country: USA
Message: Asimov, Hienlein & Norton were the First Authors to Spark my reading interest in Science Fiction. I have loved them all since the late '50s

Message: What a pleasure was browsing your web site. I started reading Dr Asimov's novels many years ago. I enjoyed his writings enormously. Thank you for bringing back so many beautiful memories. Keep up the great work.

Name: Jennifer
Message: I experienced several times that "Asimov's biographical encyclopedia of science & technology" is an excellent starter for any scientist trying to get out from his own field.