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JAMAevidence helps decision makers to identify best available evidence by providing guides to the systematic consideration of the validity, importance, and applicability of claims about the assessment of health problems and the outcomes of health care. It includes the Users' Guides to the Medical Literature, education guides, calculators, audio files, critical appraisal forms, information cycle worksheets, and the text of the Rational Clinical Examination.

Jane's All the Worlds's Aircraft: Development and Production

Electronic access to Jane's All the World's Aircraft: Development and Production


JBI COnNECT is an online gateway to a collection of evidence-based resources and tools designed to assist in the clinical decision-making process and to support best practice. It is especially helpful for Nursing and Occupational Therapy students.

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

JoVE publishes scientific research in a video format to help researchers overcome poor reproducibility and the time and labor-intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques. Video articles are available in the areas of Biology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Bioengineering, Engineering, Immunology & Infection, Chemistry, Behavior, Environment, and Basic Biology Science Education.

JSTOR Global Plants

Contains plant type specimens, taxonomic structures, scientific literature, and related materials. It supports research and teaching, including measuring and recording plant specimens, sharing observations and objects with colleagues and classmates, and investigating global plant biodiversity. Of interest to those studying botany, biology, ecology, environmental and conservation studies.

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