About the Evansdale Library

The Evansdale Library supports the academic programs and research centered on the Evansdale Campus. The library holds materials in the disciplines of agriculture, art, computer science, education, engineering, forestry, landscape architecture, mineral resources, music, physical education, and theater.

Subject Specialties at the Evansdale Library


Agriculture materials cover subject areas such as plant science, entomology, agronomy, animal and veterinary science, landscape architecture, forestry, wildlife management, parks and recreation, food and nutrition, and interior design. Many of these materials are located in the S call numbers.

Evansdale Library supports students and faculty studying and teaching in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design. Agronomy, Animal and Nutrition Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences, Resource Management and Economics, Agriculture Education and Extension, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Interior Design, Design Studies, Sustainable Design, Urban and Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, and Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources

Bibliographer: Barbara Hengemihle

Art and Art History

The Evansdale Library art book collection supports the programs in the School of Art and Design, ranging from prehistoric cave paintings to contemporary exhibitions. While the majority of art titles are shelved in the N call number range, books on photography are shelved in TR200, and graphic art materials begin at Z116. Older titles may be located at the Libraries Depository, and retrieved through MountainLynx. For more information please see the Art and Art History Research Guide.

Bibliographer: Beth Royall


The Evansdale Library dance book collection supports the Bachelor of Arts in Dance program in the School of Theatre and Dance. The majority of the dance titles are shelved between GV 1500 and GV 1800. Video resources are available in the Dance in Video database and in the DVD collection on the 2nd floor of the Downtown Campus Library. VHS titles are located at the Libraries Depository. All DVD and VHS titles may be retrieved through the library catalog, MountainLynx.

Bibliographer: Beth Royall

Engineering and Computer Science

The materials for engineering and computer science include chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science and electrical engineering, industrial and safety management engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, mining engineering, and petroleum and natural gas engineering. Most of the engineering materials have T call numbers, while many of the computer science materials have QA 76 call numbers. For more information, please see our Engineering research guide.

Bibliographers: Marian Armour-Gemmen


The Evansdale Library music collection supports the programs in the School of Music, including music performance, music history, music education, and music theory. Scores are shelved at the M call number, books about music are shelved at ML, and books on music education and theory are shelved at MT. Compact disks are currently in closed stacks, and must be requested at the Service Desk. The LP collection, along with some older book titles, is located at the Libraries Depository, and may be retrieved through MountainLynx. For more information, please see our Music research guide.

Bibliographer: Beth Royall

Patents and Trademarks

Evansdale Library is the only Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) in the state of West Virginia. On December 2, 1991, Evansdale Library was designated a U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library. As a PTRC, the library receives current copies of U.S. Plant Patents, provides access to USPTO patent and trademark databases including the specialized PubWEST and PubEAST databases. All the tools necessary to perform a preliminary patent or trademark search are available in the library. The librarian provides reference assistance throughout the state as well as assists users in learning how to search.

Contact: Marian Armour-Gemmen


The Evansdale Library theatre collection supports the programs in the School of Theatre and Dance. Books and journals are located in the PN-PS call numbers. The play collection is located on the main floor, in the Food for Thought room. The theatre materials at Evansdale cover acting, production, set design, costumes and other aspects of technical theatre, while most of the literature and drama criticism are located at the Wise Library on the downtown campus. Older titles may be located at the Libraries Depository, and retrieved through MountainLynx.

Bibliographer: Beth Royall