ULIB300: Film and Media Literacy

Student responses:

What did you like most about the course?

The choice of movies and the genres. And the easy to follow timeline to complete the course.

The model per week really kept me current with the course and not allow me to fall behind.

I enjoyed the selection of movies and the ability to be exposed to ones I would never have seen otherwise.

I liked pretty much everything about the course.

My favorite part was the quizzes. For the Tarantino quizzes I liked to see how much I could remember from memory and then go back and rewatch the parts I couldn't remember.

I loved the flexibility of the schedule. It made it easy to take the course as well as work a full time summer job. I really appreciated that.

The variety of films and genres discussed.

I liked how you did not have a concrete set of movies to view, and you could kind of choose which movies you could watch and research.

The best thing about this course was the syllabus. Compared to other online classes it was very easy to use.

I liked everything about this course. Seriously.

That I could take it from home.

I thought the course was really enjoyable as well as informing, making it easier for me to want to complete my assignments.

Being introduced to new films.

I loved the film choices. You gave us a pretty good selection of movies that are current, interesting to college students, and entertaining.

The fact that I was writing responses, being quizzed, and studying information that all pertained to movies that I love and got to choose.

What I like most about the course was being able to watch movies I would of never thought of seeing before the class.

The best part about the course was the content. Any individual who is remotely interested in films and film history would find the information from this course very useful. Second to the content, I liked the format of the course and the online aspect because most of the information can and should be learned outside of a lecture hall.

What did you like least about the course?

Overall this was a great course and I am unable to think of any changes that should be made. I feel that the course was laid out in a very simple manner for us as students to follow. It was perfect. I wish I could take it again.