Research Services 136 -- Classroom 136 in Downtown Library

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Room Name: Research Services 136
Room Number: Classroom 136
Building: Downtown Library
Capacity: 30
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Research Services 136  -- Classroom 136

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Downtown Campus Library: Classrooms 104, 136 and 2036:


  • Classrooms are used primarily for classes, demonstrations, and training sessions pertaining to the Library. User instruction has priority over any other type of use of the rooms.
  • The classrooms are open for public use when no classes are in session. Daily teaching schedules are posted by the door. People are asked to vacate the room 15 minutes before the scheduled instruction sessions to allow instructors to prepare.
  • The classrooms may be scheduled for non-library related sessions if other options through Facilities Planning and Scheduling are unavailable.
  • The Library Information Technology Equipment Service (LITES) assists with use of the equipment.
  • Each instructor/session leader is responsible for getting the equipment set up for classes prior to sessions and turning things off properly after the sessions.


  • Reservations can be requested at
  • Requests for information literacy instruction are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Faculty are encouraged to make reservations as early as possible.
  • Reservations for non-library related sessions may be made up to two weeks in advance. One may reserve up to 4 times each semester for the same class. Other advance reservations are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Coordinator for Library Instruction.


  • Equipment is not loaned out from the classrooms.
  • All software and configuration changes must be approved by the Systems and the Research Services Departments.

Evansdale Library: Classrooms G16, 130, 228/229

  • Library functions in the Classroom have priority over non-library functions.
  • Priority of reserving for non-library classes or events are weighted toward large groups (8 or more people) and the need for the podium computer and display screen.
  • Reservation requests can be made at the Evansdale Library Pubic Services Desk (304-293-9759 or emailing ) on a first-come/first-available basis.
  • We recommend reservations be made at least 7-14 days in advance.
  • Full-Semester regularly scheduled class reservations must be approved by the Evansdale Library Director, Martha Yancey ( or 304-293-5039) or her designee.
  • A regularly scheduled class may be asked, at least one class period in advance, to relocate in the event of a library instruction reservation.
  • First time presenters/instructors are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a library faculty member or the LA for Technology Services to test any presentation software and be instructed on the media use prior to the day of the reservation.
  • The room is available only during published Evansdale Library hours. These hours are dependent on whether the University is in-session or on break. Exceptions can be requested from the Director or her designee.
  • No software may be downloaded onto the instructor or individual workstation computers.

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