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Open Source FTW


The WVU Libraries' System Office develops open source software and releases it under the WVU Open Source License. To date the following software has been developed for release:

Available Computers

A software to manage which computers are available in WVU Libraries, with an admin interface that provides ways to manage which computers are in which buildings, as well as additional information for statistic gathering.



EngineAPI is a web development framework, written in PHP, that is the base for our of our in-house projects. It is an open-source framework and the source code is maintained on GitHub. 

License / Documentation / GitHub Repository


A PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) built to host WVU Libraries' various websites. The following is a list of websites currently in EngineCMS:



The Metadata Form Creation System (MFCS) is WVU Libraries answer for providing an easy to use interface for librarians, staff, and students for entering metadata and uploading digital items for our digital collections. MFCS is also our archival and preservation system.


RoomMe provides a robust, secure, and highly configurable room reservation software platform that can handle the requirements of multiple buildings, rooms, and policies with a single installation.

Vagrant Hydra Stack

Vagrant Hydra Stack

These scripts will automate the install of the base hydra stack in a CentOS 7.0 vagrant box. Scripts can be used individually on servers.

GitHub Repository